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bizarre planet  09//01//2009 | 19:14
babes  08//01//2009 | 08:01
I love nature. some things are better if they come by ammounts of two...
things that come in pairs
video  08//01//2009 | 06:47
this has to be the first boat that is an aeroplane, a boat and a submarine all at the same time
puke generator
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video  08//01//2009 | 01:46
japan  08//01//2009 | 01:19
babes  07//01//2009 | 06:12
video  07//01//2009 | 01:48
"the car is not working, but we are lucky. the tow car came and took the car, now we are in safe hands"
tow car idiot
bizarre planet  07//01//2009 | 00:43
some people thing that is great that their grandfather is learning how to use internet. they don't know that letting them know about the internet is plain wrong...
because they are as mind twisted as you are
video  06//01//2009 | 01:28
let's imagine what this idiot was thinking...
- I'm going to wait till the garage door goes down so I could crash, bang and scratch my car
yes... because making things in the easy way is no fun
sex  06//01//2009 | 01:23
misc  06//01//2009 | 00:46
for those that have lived in London, looking at this pictures will make you feel again back in London
London shopsfronts are kitsch
video  06//01//2009 | 00:38
misc  05//01//2009 | 00:16
video  05//01//2009 | 00:09
 daft nude
video  04//01//2009 | 23:59
misc  31//12//2008 | 18:54
I hope you are having a nice christmas. It has been a pleasure to share this year with all of you, and I hope we can enjoy the next one with loads of bizarre things as usual
and remember, never eat santa's candy
adult  31//12//2008 | 17:26
I'm sure you are now getting to the point where you make all this new year proposals... what about going out with a breathtaking babe? or joining a swingers club? there are a lot of new and interesting things you can do with a girl...
why not discover all the new things you can do with a girl in this new year?
video  30//12//2008 | 16:19
video  30//12//2008 | 16:12
let's get ofr a few minutes in the life of a jackass... how many bizarre things can somebody do in a few hours?
a few hours in the life of an jackass
babes  28//12//2008 | 03:01
it's the time of the year where all the family meets again
mothers and daughters. reunited
video  24//12//2008 | 02:00
you can cheer up by listening to a christmas carol, or you may just want to kill some people....
merry christmas my dear kornersons
video  24//12//2008 | 01:51
video  23//12//2008 | 01:44
here is an advice: if something might go wrong and cause a lot of pain to you just don't do it
this idiots didn't listen to me
misc  23//12//2008 | 01:35
everything is tastier when you put some bacon on it
now with 100% cholesterol!
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