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babes  04//12//2008 | 01:31
adult  03//12//2008 | 01:23
christmas is close, and I'm sure a lot of people will travel by plane to meet their relatives. I just want to warn them to be careful with their bags as I've seen a lot of bags being stole at the airports. this picture is a training picture. you must spot the guy stealing the bag in less that 2 seconds
all guys loose
freak world  03//12//2008 | 00:56
you will never be certain about what a dog thinks, but this time... at this moment you will look at this dogs and will know exactly what they think
"my master is a bastard"
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video  03//12//2008 | 00:38
I love all extreme sports... everything had to be extreme...
extreme hula!
video  03//12//2008 | 00:36
I love those friends that are all the day thinking on pranks for you
pain and friendship
video  02//12//2008 | 01:24
all ladies that mock up about bear's liberty, have to be eaten
I'm with the bear
babes  28//11//2008 | 00:49
are you facing a lonely christmas? come on... there are girls looking for a guy like you...
you don''t believe me? check this out
video  28//11//2008 | 00:35
this is a great idea... a dog that when barks "spits" water from his anus...
I want one
video  28//11//2008 | 00:30
video  27//11//2008 | 23:32
yes... watching this... I just realise I have too much imagination
erotic  27//11//2008 | 23:29
black over white or white over black... it doesn't matter for a nude picture...
bodies are the seeds for fantasy
video  27//11//2008 | 00:26
woman with tumor in her brain that turned out to be a worm
I have a friend inside me
misc  26//11//2008 | 08:19
hours wasted doing exercise. years going to the gym. money spent on a lot of creams.
and then you have triplets... oh, the irony
video  26//11//2008 | 01:15
this had to be so fucking difficult to happen... and there's an idiot that can do it
as you will see, there are also jerks driving at the sea
video  25//11//2008 | 01:01
not many times a tender story turns suddenly into a wtf
wtf or tender story?
video  25//11//2008 | 00:58
I'm sure this happened to you before. not only you get into a traffic jam, but whe you arrive to your destination you have to park near china
it sucks to be late
video  25//11//2008 | 00:48
monk's life... retirement, silence, prayers...
and heavy metal
art  24//11//2008 | 23:58
how does the world looks through the eyes of a giang?
small world
babes  24//11//2008 | 01:26
boobies, breas, tits, watermelons... a lot of words and one meaning
wobbling things that make us smile
video  24//11//2008 | 01:24
video  21//11//2008 | 09:04
how to have cheap fun:
go to a car wash, get some money and then let everything go
I have to try this
babes  21//11//2008 | 01:21
video  21//11//2008 | 01:01
I love bizarre celebrations. an ocasion to do strange nonsense for stupid reasons... and everybody do it
biggest firecracker ever?
ads  20//11//2008 | 23:36
one of the most incredible self portraits I've ever seen
one face, a million stories
video  19//11//2008 | 01:12
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