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art  24//11//2008 | 23:58
how does the world looks through the eyes of a giang?
small world
babes  24//11//2008 | 01:26
boobies, breas, tits, watermelons... a lot of words and one meaning
wobbling things that make us smile
video  24//11//2008 | 01:24
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video  21//11//2008 | 09:04
how to have cheap fun:
go to a car wash, get some money and then let everything go
I have to try this
babes  21//11//2008 | 01:21
video  21//11//2008 | 01:01
I love bizarre celebrations. an ocasion to do strange nonsense for stupid reasons... and everybody do it
biggest firecracker ever?
ads  20//11//2008 | 23:36
one of the most incredible self portraits I've ever seen
one face, a million stories
video  19//11//2008 | 01:12
video  19//11//2008 | 01:10
babes  18//11//2008 | 00:57
I'm seriously thinking on changing my digital camera
camera catalogue
babes  18//11//2008 | 00:56
video  18//11//2008 | 00:49
sports are not a good thing. even watching them can be painful
don't watch sports...
video  18//11//2008 | 00:24
there movies that look like ads, and there are ads that look like movies
I want to see this movie now
video  18//11//2008 | 00:23
not many artists have found a way of blendin maths and art as Escher did. this is a video based on his work...
Escher was a fucking genious
video  13//11//2008 | 00:35
video  12//11//2008 | 01:19
maybe swimming in this river is not a good idea
rocky mudslide
misc  12//11//2008 | 01:17
video  12//11//2008 | 01:13
if you love videogames, then show your respect to this jewel
the second videogame ever
video  10//11//2008 | 23:59
painful  08//11//2008 | 12:05
I haven't published anything in the "painful" cathegory for a long long time... to put a little bit of balance in all this... this has to be one of the gorish things I've seen in my life... -I couldn't even finish-
deep cut
video  08//11//2008 | 01:56
video  08//11//2008 | 01:48
video  07//11//2008 | 23:37
I was watching this great ad when I sadi "crap... something is ringing a bell here...." then suddenly I understood. so here it goes... can you name the place where this ad was recorded? extra points go for anybody that can name at least 3 right location names
machine evolution
babes  06//11//2008 | 01:53
christmas is comming and I'm sure a lot of you are wondering if it's better a digital camera or a mobile phone with camera... well...
decide looking at the pictures...
adult  06//11//2008 | 01:14
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