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adult videos  20//06//2008 | 00:29
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if you are a real pervert you won't see the black things on this video
censored fun
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video  19//06//2008 | 00:23
the day brains where given to people this two idiots arrived last
man gets golf shot in belly
bizarre planet  18//06//2008 | 09:40
yes... there's also a prom dance at the ghetto
broken fashion
video  18//06//2008 | 06:24
yes... it's taste... your fingers... sticky... orange everywhere... that taste... cheese... yes...
I always wanted to have sex with a cheeto
video  18//06//2008 | 03:52
in asia people has to be very stressed if they have to eat on the road like this
noodles and motorbikes
misc  17//06//2008 | 23:42
some people might not believe it but some men cry
except me, of course
video  17//06//2008 | 23:37
pictures  17//06//2008 | 09:38
video  17//06//2008 | 04:08
french scopittones are-were amazing.... a delightful retro candy for your eyes
"juanita banana"
art  17//06//2008 | 00:01
this is one of the best pieces of art I've seen in a long long time... Im tired "artists" that are just mediocre. but this... this is art....
drowning by numbers
video  16//06//2008 | 22:54
ok doggie... I get it... you don't want me to get your cookie....
hitler's dog
misc  16//06//2008 | 22:52
I remember when people knew for the first time about sushi and though...eeew.... raw fish... but of course...
they forgot that everything tastes different if you serve it properly
babes  14//06//2008 | 00:22
today I declare this day, the babes showing their butts' day
let's celebrate it
babes  13//06//2008 | 00:59
a few days ago I was in a street market looking at some old french erotic magazines from 1954.... 1954! during those years in spain people were getting excited by looking at girl's knees... 
France, avant garde
babes  13//06//2008 | 00:41
with petrol prices going so high, the next fetish thing will be girls covered in black petrol
for the moment... it's still golden girls
 kiss me
pictures  13//06//2008 | 00:39
video  13//06//2008 | 00:13
I don't ususally speak about my music tastes at this blog... but I will do it for once... a couple of months ago I discovered this group. it has been sounding on my mp3 player non-stop. it0s the kind of music that cheers me up and that makes me see life in a bright colour... well... the magic pills I'm taking at this moment they might help too
Transilium and "Plastic Operator" are good for you
video  13//06//2008 | 00:04
misc  11//06//2008 | 06:27
japan  11//06//2008 | 03:14
video  11//06//2008 | 00:09
in japan they love this stuff... girls with big boobs tease the camera for hours....
and they have dvds with 3 hours of this stuff....
babes  10//06//2008 | 06:25
this has to be the worst nipple I've ever seen... this is what happens when you play too much with your body
100% unnatural
art  10//06//2008 | 03:21
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