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babes  15//07//2009 | 01:30
and now, this gentle girl wants to show us some stuff...
let's learn
misc  14//07//2009 | 01:38
As summer progresses, crops of rice paddy art are beginning to emerge in Japan. The crop art — created by strategically arranging and growing different colors of rice plants — can be seen in farming communities across the country. The largest and finest work is grown in the Aomori prefecture village of Inakadate, which has earned a reputation for its agricultural artistry.
incredible plant art
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video  14//07//2009 | 00:39
I don't know what's going on in this video. what I know for sure is that
something went wrong
freak world  14//07//2009 | 00:32
Since more than twenty years hair are growing on my chin. Every day, for more than twenty minutes I was plucking them out with a tweezer. In all these years I did spend months just to get rid of my facial hair.
and this is.... why I hate hippies
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adult  10//07//2009 | 01:47
holy crap... I've just discovered the new HD Porn TV at myfreepaysite...
great stuff at the right price... that is, zero, none, nada... yepp...that's why I always recommend this site... maybe they don't have the best desing, but they have great free content... most of the time much better content than paysites...
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babes  10//07//2009 | 01:29
video  10//07//2009 | 00:35
how do men fish? real men I mean?
of course, they get an helicopter and they catch the fish diving from the sky
that's how men do it
video  10//07//2009 | 00:28
video  10//07//2009 | 00:24
some children would be better if they had no parents
video  08//07//2009 | 01:39
just some webcams, a lot of creativity and you can make a great video
video  08//07//2009 | 01:34
art nowadays has turned into a big pile of rubish. but here there's an artist that can express all what I think about contemporary art....
the one and only mand that pukes art
ctrl+z  07//07//2009 | 00:45
art  07//07//2009 | 00:05
one hand covering one eye. people only looking at half of the world
5 years of half looks
babes  06//07//2009 | 01:46
it's never late to learn if there's a girl that want's to show how to....
hot lessons
video  06//07//2009 | 01:41
two idiots get into a shop to discuss who of them have it bigger...
- I have it bigger, and you are unconscious
misc  06//07//2009 | 01:36
one of the most original blogs I've found in ages: how to turn fast food in deliciously looking plates
edible crap
video  06//07//2009 | 01:34
two of the best things of our childhoold mixed together...
lego + arcades = nostalgia
misc  03//07//2009 | 17:17
if you are thinking on changing your living room maybe you should do it with style
Danish 70s Interior Design Porno
babes  02//07//2009 | 01:16
misc  01//07//2009 | 01:16
erotic  30//06//2009 | 01:45
weird ilustration art from japan (year 1842). it shows how some dogs with big nutsacks, use them for the most bizarre and weird things....
nutty japanese
babes  30//06//2009 | 01:31
babes  30//06//2009 | 01:22
what can be more exciting that taking a look to that girl next door apartment...
looking through
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