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weblog  29//07//2009 | 00:12
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if you are reading this is because we are switching servers... don't worry we will be back soon

moving places....
babes  23//07//2009 | 00:41
video  23//07//2009 | 00:38
sometimes I feel the need to kill people. for example the kid in this video.
nosferatu dancing
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ctrl+z  23//07//2009 | 00:36
- I love cheese. and I love it's smell... and you know what? cheese makes me horny
horny cheese
adult videos  22//07//2009 | 01:44
for some time I thought that japanese porn wouldn't surprise me any more. gosh... I'm always wrong with them...
big genitalia, big fun, big orgasm...
ctrl+z  21//07//2009 | 01:43
video  20//07//2009 | 01:24
an idiota plays on the rail tracks... he doesn't know that the train is near...
and he gets hit by the train...
babes  17//07//2009 | 01:56
why waste hours of your time on messenger trying to get a babe naked and going to bed at 6 with your hands empty...
do it properly.... be succesful
babes  17//07//2009 | 01:39
usually muscled babes are more like a transexual than anything else...
here, an exception
video  17//07//2009 | 01:37
video  17//07//2009 | 01:36
magnetic levitation of clips in a japanese train
super powers
video  16//07//2009 | 00:31
I'm sure this has to be fake...but I'm sure there are idiots out there that might try doing this...
russian talent show
babes  15//07//2009 | 01:30
and now, this gentle girl wants to show us some stuff...
let's learn
misc  14//07//2009 | 01:38
As summer progresses, crops of rice paddy art are beginning to emerge in Japan. The crop art — created by strategically arranging and growing different colors of rice plants — can be seen in farming communities across the country. The largest and finest work is grown in the Aomori prefecture village of Inakadate, which has earned a reputation for its agricultural artistry.
incredible plant art
video  14//07//2009 | 00:39
I don't know what's going on in this video. what I know for sure is that
something went wrong
freak world  14//07//2009 | 00:32
Since more than twenty years hair are growing on my chin. Every day, for more than twenty minutes I was plucking them out with a tweezer. In all these years I did spend months just to get rid of my facial hair.
and this is.... why I hate hippies
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adult  10//07//2009 | 01:47
holy crap... I've just discovered the new HD Porn TV at myfreepaysite...
great stuff at the right price... that is, zero, none, nada... yepp...that's why I always recommend this site... maybe they don't have the best desing, but they have great free content... most of the time much better content than paysites...
join free and get streaming hot porn in your room... free
babes  10//07//2009 | 01:29
video  10//07//2009 | 00:35
how do men fish? real men I mean?
of course, they get an helicopter and they catch the fish diving from the sky
that's how men do it
video  10//07//2009 | 00:28
video  10//07//2009 | 00:24
some children would be better if they had no parents
video  08//07//2009 | 01:39
just some webcams, a lot of creativity and you can make a great video
video  08//07//2009 | 01:34
art nowadays has turned into a big pile of rubish. but here there's an artist that can express all what I think about contemporary art....
the one and only mand that pukes art
ctrl+z  07//07//2009 | 00:45
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